Start More Sales Conversations by Leveraging LinkedIn for Social Selling

The goal of social selling is to start more sales conversations. LinkedIn is the primary tool that sales professionals use in their social selling efforts so I wanted to share some best practices that sales professionals can leverage to ensure success:

  1. Position your profile as a resource. Corporate Vision reports that 74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insights. With that in mind, start adding value and insights throughout your profile. While most people set up their profile to be their resume or a place to tell people how they can hire them, it is more effective to resonate with your buyers’ challenges, create curiosity, get them thinking differently about their current situation and recognize that you are the expert they need to talk to now.
  2. Share content that is relevant to your audience. Just because you love it doesn’t mean that they will, so be sure you do your research first. And, make sure most of your content is positioned as vendor agonistic insights, meaning they don’t need to hire you to get value. Your content should lead to your solution not with your solution. When you lead with your solution it is a pitch – when you lead to your solution it is like leaving magical breadcrumbs of value that get them excited to take your call.
  3. Treat LinkedIn as you would any other networking event. If you were at a business card exchange you would shake someone’s hand and pitch them – so don’t do that on Linkedin. Start conversations, learn about your connections and naturally take it offline.
  4. Welcome your new connections with content and a question – a question that is relevant to them. Maybe even personal. It may be around a shared connection that you have or a mutual group or mention a press release from their own company.
  5. Leverage social proximity. LinkedIn allows you to search your connections’ connections to identify who your clients and networking partners know that you’d like to meet and ask for introductions or permission to name drop.

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